The Geechee Tribe – Geechee Kunda
The Geechee

The Geechee Tribe

The Geechee tribe is a unique community living in the coastal areas of the Southeast Coast states of the United States, especially South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. This community has its roots in African culture and is the product of a long formative process that began during the slavery period.

Here are a few key aspects of the Geechee tribe’s life work:

African Roots:

Members of the Geechee tribe have roots in African culture, as many are descendants of African slaves brought to North America.

Language and Dialect:

This community has its own dialect known as Gullah or Geechee, which is a combination of English and African languages. This dialect serves not only as a means of communication but also as a strong element of their cultural heritage.

Traditional Art and Music:

The Geechee tribe is known for their traditional arts, including wood carving, basket weaving and art rug making. They have also retained many elements of African musical traditions such as the use of drums and distinctive rhythms.

Cooking and Eating:

Geechee is known for its unique culinary style, featuring a variety of seafood, rice dishes and traditional African-American recipes. One famous delicacy is gombo, a traditional seafood soup.

Beliefs and Religious Traditions:

The Geechee maintain their religious traditions, which may include elements of Christianity, African beliefs, and magic. They also have their own church customs and activities.

Preservation of Cultural Heritage:

The Geechee community is actively involved in efforts to preserve their cultural heritage, including through educational programmes, festivals and collaboration with researchers and cultural institutions.
The Geechee tribe continues to play an important role in enriching the cultural mosaic of the Southeastern United States by preserving its traditions and unique African and African-American identity.

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